• Is viewing your website like trying to read a newspaper in the dark with a flashlight?

    You cozy up in the local coffee shop chair with your triple no foam latte and pull out your phone with much anticipation to sit back, relax and peruse away. You flip through a number of search and retail sites; browsing quickly as you flick through the rapidly scrolling pages with ease. Everything displays in a seemingly perfectly sized, single column format with images and text that just fit.

In the online world your website is the face of your organization. The right social media strategy will serve as the voice of your company and the gateway to your website.

Whether we create or collaborate on your social media strategy we take a holistic approach that considers your culture, brand, and capabilities. Not every company can do social media the same way, nor should they. You need a plan that works for your unique needs, speaks in a voice that your audience will relate to, and grabs attention in an online world saturated with information.

We don't miss the little things when it comes to your Social Media brand... 

At Myriad Media "design" flows into everything we do. Your brand is not only your visual identity but your essence and your voice. We make sure that your brand is unified across all your social media outlets. When we handle your social media strategy or execution you get beauty and substance that adds value to the customer experience and creates brand ambassadors for your product or service. 

Getting beyond likes and follows...

We aim for true marketing and business results. Because we are actual marketers in a media space seemingly averse to profit, we tend to think in terms of the "balance sheet". We build strategy around how your social media efforts translate into revenue so you get substance and not just follows or likes.

No matter where you are along the social media path, regardless if you are active or just starting out these are just a few things we can do for you:

  • Set up your social accounts and design the pages to match your site.
  • Assist in creating content for social media, blog posts and email campaigns.
  • Help you target new customers / followers and increase your footprint.
  • Find new ways to add value and target critical relationships to help increase your network.
  • Help build campaigns for your current marketing mix and incorporate social media.
  • Create customized landing pages on your website that bring in your social viewers.

Let's talk today about how we can help meet your social media or overall marketing needs.