Before any project, we take the time to review the overarching strategic goal, communication needs, desired launch schedule, and ongoing support service requirements with our clients to ensure the project direction is true from the beginning.

Step one of the process begins after the contract has been initiated. This phase usually begins with a the client kick-off meeting or conference call.  During that meeting, the Myriad team will review the design and technical objectives, target market, brand, competition, and overall project goals. Myriad will then determine the communication protocol for the project and outline a strategy and approach to deliver the final product.  This process can vary across projects, depending on the scope and scale of each.

For instance, the strategy process for a large project can take months and involve every member of the team, while the strategy process of a smaller project might only require the involvement of a few team members where pertinent information shaping the direction of the project is extracted via multiple conversations with the client.  The end result of the strategy process is that Myriad and the client have a clear, shared understanding of the project goals, and the creative and technical steps that are necessary to achieve those goals.  This will allow the Myriad team to begin the creative and technical process.  

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