Now that the look and feel has been established, it's time to start building.

Content Plan & Data Conversion 

During the strategy phase the site content will be discussed along with a determination of the content owners.  To ensure that both parties adhere to the development schedule, it is important to delineate what content needs to be generated and when it needs to be delivered for implementation. This is the purpose of the content plan, which defines milestones, resources and delivery dates for key elements of site content (e.g., text, imagery, logos, and documents).  The client usually takes a leadership role in the development of the content plan.  Clients will access our online project management hub, where all correspondence, milestones, and document uploads can be tracked to manage the development and delivery of content in a centralized location; thus eliminating the need search through numerous emails for pertinent correspondence.

Information Architecture

This step defines how the site’s content will be organized and accessed by the end user. We address the site’s primary navigation, flow, database interaction, content management, and overall content. It is here that the initial relationship between the interface design, usability, and architecture is explored. A client information architecture flow chart with top-level navigation will be developed to address the initial site entry screen, the first level elements and sub-pages to those elements.  Myriad will moderate the sessions during this phase to ensure there is continuity to the overall objectives established in the Strategy Phase.

HTML Build

Myriad will start the production of the HTML template. This will begin with the image ‘slicing’ and optimization (i.e., the breakdown of the screen compositions into individual images optimized for web display and file size). The developer will take these images and replicate the approved screen designs, originally presented in JPEG format, via HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding. Simultaneously, the database and content management setup is initiated.

Content Management (CMS) Integration

Upon the completion of the site design templates, Myriad will migrate them into the CMS where they will serve as the “master templates” for the site. Myriad will continue by building the site architecture in the CMS using the new master templates. Myriad will then add and format the approved content into the site via the CMS. The site will be posted online for client review.

Quality Assurance Testing

Myriad tests the components of the system throughout the development process.  However, upon completion of all development phases, the front end, back end, and server environment of the site will be subjected to ‘destructive’ testing. It is here that the Myriad team steps through all functional operations to verify hyperlinks and evaluate how the site serves, uploads, displays, and interacts.  Myriad also address the diversity of the browser environment with extensive testing on multiple versions and platforms.


Once the system is thoroughly tested, Myriad will deliver it to the client for hosting or a hosting site will be provided as per the project/contract agreement.

More than one Google Analytics scripts are registered. Please verify your pages and templates.