When the project is launched, we enable our clients to maintain their own presence, but we are always readily available to provide ongoing or ad-hoc support.

Upon final delivery, Myriad will schedule two CMS training sessions with our client. The first session will introduce all relevant parties to the system; thus, enabling administrators to manage the initial launch and operation of the site.  The second session will serve as a follow up to the initial introduction where site administrators will have an opportunity to pose questions. Myriad will be available for phone consultation free of charge for a period of one month after project delivery.

The Myriad team is available to assist our clients with ongoing site updates, especially those that would affect the integrity of the design, via a customized support agreement. The routine tasks, service responsibilities and monthly hour allocations would be defined in the agreement after the initial launch of the web site. See how we provide Lifecycle Support.

More than one Google Analytics scripts are registered. Please verify your pages and templates.