Once the strategy is in place, we start thinking about how to visually define and support what our clients are trying to achieve.


Clarifying the overarching project goal and strategizing the site’s architecture is accomplished through a brainstorming process, which lays the foundation for the site’s direction, mood, and theme. Brainstorming is the key aspect of the creative design process and involves the collaboration of the design team, providing an avenue for the exchange of ideas and unrestricted creative thought. This results in a variety of potential solutions from which the most viable are chosen.  Team collaboration provides a natural conduit for checks and balances ensuring that the integrity of the original project goal is protected while considering the prospective solutions.

Concept Development

Concept development entails the actual creation of the design composition, where ideas and visual layouts are produced and discussed internally. During this phase, the team will work to solidify the strategic concept for the site’s homepage that addresses both the aesthetic and functional requirements of the over arching project goal. The concept will be rendered in Photoshop and reviewed by the internal team.  Once the internal review is complete, the design composition is posted to a password protected online environment on the Myriad server for client review and approval.

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